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The best back & shoulder workouts during class!

Hi friends!! Tay & Kacy here to tell you all of our favorite back and shoulder workouts that we love to incorporate into our spin routines! Proper posture is key! No arch, sit it up straight and if you feel your back begin to slouch there is no shame in dropping the weights! We would rather have correct posture and form while eliminating the weights!

Tay here for a stronger back!:

1. Overhead press. This is one of my favorites I always incorporate into my arm track- it’s a nice recovery when we do minute(s) holds lol.. To make the move more challenging- increase core stability.

2. Pull backs. Posture is straight, no arch, arms go outward and parallel and we pull back one arm at a time while the other floats and does not drop. Keep this motion tight, and squeeze on the pull.

3. Single arm variation. This is a fun one, arms up with a slight bend, taking turns extending up and squeezing on way back to the hold. I like to add a combo and do a single arm face frame, your arms never drop and your back will be feeellling this one!

4. Face pull row. Very similar to #2- but incorporating both arms as we pull back while keeping core tight and posture straight. This one can be a challenge on the bike, and it hurts so good once you get it!

5. 4lb Dumbbell Row. This is one I like to do while we are riding. While we are out in three, I’ll call out grabbing both weights in one hand, or just one or none (whatever is most comfortable while keeping proper form) and rowing that arm back on a 1-2-1-2 beat! On the row back, squeeze that contraction before lowering back down then repeat. Your back will thank you for this one. 

During these workouts, I always switch the grips from over-hand, neutral and under-hand. Utilizing these different grips will work and target your back muscles in a completely different way!

Strong shoulders!:

Hey fam, Kc here! Everyone knows my 2 favorite things in class at 6YCLE are low-key dying from cardio and the arm workout. Burning out our shoulders and biceps to get those toned arms is what we strive for in class because we all live for tube top szn (duh) and looking ripped af, am I right? Get your 2lb weights ready Sixers, here are some of my go to shoulder workouts.

Alternate Dumbell Front Raises:

Love this for us. A nice little warm up to get those shoulders burning. This works the anterior deltoids and well as the biceps. (Anatomy is hard) This exercise isolates the shoulder flexion. Keeping your stomach tight and back straight, you’ll lift one weight to the front of your body with a slight bend in the elbow, palms always facing down. Continue to go up until your arm parallel to the floor. Keep alternating until you feel like your arms will fall off, and then you’ll start your count (we are never tired 🤪)

Arnold Press:

Make it cute and make it effective, people. Hold your dumbbells just above the shoulders (don’t you dare drop below), elbows bent, palms facing you. Press the weights up overhead, rotating your palms away from your body. Return to start. That’s one rep. A lot more to go. This targets the fronts and sides of your delts. 

Car Drivers:

Fan favorite, and the only time I’ll ever drive a car decently. Holding one side of a dumbbell (or two if you’re using mini dumbbells) in each hand, extend arms in front of you. ALL THE WAY OUT, DO NOT CHEAT. Turn the weight to the left as much as you can and then to the right (like you’re driving a car, duh). Car drivers put your deltoids under continuous tension, working angles that you don’t normal train, and probably making you wish you never trained them in the first place. 

Whether you’re in class or at the gym these workouts will help you get a great workout in and get those arms nice and toned. And if you’re in my class then we’re probably doing 85 more of these workouts until your arms fall off. 

Until next time Sixers!

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Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and...
Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and it shows. They kill it and keep things interesting. And, supporting a pgh business run by strong women is everything
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