Tapbacks for Ta Tas

Last weekend we hosted our Tap backs for Ta Tas event at our three locations and it seriously could not have been more perfect – thanks to all of you of course! In the South Hills we had Cassie, Taylor and Paige running donation-based rides all morning. Kristina, Sasha and Kent led the fundraisers in Southside. And at Sixers Move, the ultimate double team – Jess and Kacy – ran the show.

All classes at all locations were completely free with a $5 minimum donation. Between the three studios, Sixers raised nearly $1,000 for the UPMC Hillman Center!! We are so grateful to have such a generous, caring community, formed by all of you guys. 

Jess, our queen, decorated all three studios so beautifully and stocked them with delicious after-class snacks. If you haven’t already seen the cutest boob cookies, check ‘em out below

We can’t thank you guys enough for all of your support. The event would not have been the same without our amazing Sixer fam. Love ya and see you next week!

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