Ride Your Best Life at 6YCLE

How to “Ride Your Best Life” at 6YCLE

7 Tips for Maximizing your Results

As you take on your next spin class at 6YCLE, keeping these key tips in mind will help you set yourself up for the best (and most fun!) workout and overall experience. You are putting in the time and the effort to challenge yourself and get in shape, so why not maximize those results?

Arrive Fashionably Early

Getting to class just 10 minutes early gives you time to make sure your bike is set up properly. This is super important when it comes to both your comfort level, and your safety. The easiest way to adjust your seat is to stand next to the saddle with one foot flat on the floor and the other lifted so your thigh is parallel with the floor (yes, like Captain Morgan). Adjust the saddle so it is the same height as your hip bone. Once you are seated on the bike, there should be a slight bend in the knee when the bottom of the pedal stroke is reached. Your handle bar should be adjusted slightly above the height of the saddle. (If you are new to 6YCLE, your instructor can help you with this setup process.)

Find the Beat 🎵

6YCLE is a cadence studio, which means we LOVE spinning to the beat of the music! When the beats per minute of a song match up with your energy vibin’ on the bike to one of your favorite songs, this will release endorphins and give you that boost of adrenaline you need to train just a little bit harder and get the most out of your class.

Engage Your Core 💪

With so much focus on our legs, we don’t want to forget the importance of engaging our core muscles while we are spinning. Without enough emphasis on our core, you may hit fatigue too early, which can increase your risk for injury for the duration of the class. Engaging your core also helps you maintain good posture and breath control. Relax your belly, breathe deeply, and let your core muscles contract and relax naturally as you ride.  

Don’t Cheat Yourself 🙅

You come to 6YCLE for a reason! When the instructors say it’s time to add resistance, do it! You owe it to yourself. More importantly, riding without enough resistance can wear on your joints and cause injuries (and overall discomfort) if you’re bouncing up and down in the saddle too much. The right amount of resistance can make the difference between a great workout and just spinning your wheels. Focus on keeping your weight back in your hips and avoid leading the pedal stroke with your toes. By pressing through the stroke with your heels, you will help to maximize the usage of your glues, hips, and hamstrings, while reducing pressure on your knees.

Nourish Your Body 💛

We burn A LOT of calories during at class at 6YCLE. Whether it’s eating a hearty portion of protein a few hours before class, or taking a protein shake on-the-go, you will want to make sure that you are nourishing your body with proper vitamins and nutrients both BEFORE AND AFTER your workout. Give back to your body… It’ll thank you forever! 😉

Get to Know Your Instructors! 🙋

Take a minute before or after class to introduce yourself to your instructor, especially if you are new to 6YCLE! Our classes are full every day with 24 beautiful faces, and we would love to formally meet you and hear what your fitness goals are! Most importantly, definitely communicate with your instructor if you come across any challenges on your bike or any pain in your body. We want you to succeed and have a fantastic experience, and we might have an extra tip or two that can make all the difference to the safety and effectiveness of your workout!

Don’t Leave Us Hangin’! ✋

Be sure to stay throughout the duration of the class. The cool down is just as important as the warm up! Taking the time to properly cool down your muscles after your ride is key to lessening your chance of injuries.  

Written by: Kristina Mazzenga

6YCLE Instructor

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