New Riders


We can’t wait to have you on a bike, however before your first ride you MUST sign a liability wavier. During charity rides or event rides, there may be a group liability acknowledgement. By purchasing any package online, you automatically adhere to our liability policy, which can be found on MindBody. Regardless of signing an individual copy. 6YCLE is not responsible for injuries or damages due to instruction, equipment malfunction, or improper setup. By choosing to spin at 6YCLE you assume all liability and are doing so at your own risk. The front desk will get you set up with a form when you first check-in at the studio if you have not already completed one online. All riders 18 years and under are required to have a parent or guardian’s signature in person. By signing this, you are absolving 6YCLE and its subsidiaries of all responsibility.


The doors open fifteen minutes before class and first time riders MUST check in with your instructor to get setup on the bike. Say hello to our amazing front desk staff as you walk in! They will get you signed in, answer any questions you have, and give you a towel for your ride. If you don’t arrive at least three minutes before the class starts, your bike may be given away to someone on the waitlist.

During class you’ll ride with 20 to 25 other people beside you. Coming together and staying to the beat of the music, with nothing but low LED lighting guiding you through moments of power. If it’s your first ride at 6YCLE, the instructor will help you get setup! We will set your bike up specifically to you according to our bike fit guidelines. This will ensure you are working the right muscles and avoiding injury. The seat height, forearm position, and handlebar height will be adjusted to fit your body. Safety is always our top priority, so if at any time the choreography is too much- sit back and vibe to our instructors curated playlist. Just make sure you keep your legs moving! A SIXER ride is both challenging for advanced riders and encouraging to beginner riders.

Take is a step further and join the community. Track your classes and join us during our milestone parties. Everyone who reaches 100 and 200 amazing rides in our studios  will get a photo on our “YOU’RE IN THE CLUB” wall.


The class you wanted to attend is booked up? No worries! You can add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll send you an email/text if a spot opens up. You have to have a credit in your account to add yourself to the waitlist, but if you don’t get in the credit will be put back into your account.

You will automatically be added to the class if a spot opens up. The waitlist shut off is one hour before the ride starts. If you’re waitlisted for a 6:30am class and someone drops at midnight, you’ll still be added. All rules and fees still apply.

If your plans change and you can’t make your ride anymore, no need to worry. If you cancel your ride at least SIX hours before the start, the credit will be put back into your account. All riders will be charged $15 for late cancelling OR not showing up to your scheduled class. Fees are automatically charged. You can cancel your class the same way you registered.

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