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Meet Lauren

*Short bio about yourself

I genuinely love helping people! After college, I tried to enter the corporate world, and it left me unsatisfied. Learning that money isn’t everything has really helped me be happy and enjoy my life. I’m obsessed with health, I try to be up on every trend, and I am very addicted to trying every kind of workout. Hence, why I do crossfit, yoga, BOUNCE, Versaclimbing, LIFT HEAVY THINGS, and of course SPIN. Currently, I work for a non-profit and hospital and coordinate initiatives, events and programs to improve overall public health in the Northside. Also, I’m obsessed with my little weiner dog Blu, and renovating my row house in Lawrenceville with my Hubby. (Trying to put my Architecture degree to use!) 

*Your top 3 favorite spin tracks

  1. Mario – Let Me Love You (DubRocca Remix) is my favorite. Because, it was one of the first songs I taught, and really got that 1-2, 1-2 down! Love doing some heavy 4 count to 2 count jumps and isolations when I play it! 
  2. Can’t forget my girl, Demi! Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (Cabuizee Remix) is my fave to do a nice single-count push and tap to. Also, SORRY NOT SORRY is my life’s mantra. 
  3. Trust Issues Remix (Justin Bieber, Drake, & the Weekend) is all about BLACKING OUT and climbing y’all. I get into it by singing along as I push and encourage everyone to do the same! 

*Fun fact
I went to an ALL-girls private boarding school for high school. Promise, I’m not weird, well maybe a little. But, I really believe in surrounding yourself with girls who uplift and inspire you, one of the many reasons I LOVE BEING A PART OF 6YCLE. Also, I love my girlfriends, and that’s why I had 14 bridesmaids (and I didn’t hire any!) 


My day always begins with my dog Blu, and my husband. We try to have coffee together in the mornings as a family. 
If I am working from home, I really try to get some kind of workout in, whether it be spinning, barre or doing a WOD (workout of the day) at Crossfit. Typically, my day doesn’t go to well without a workout. 
I start my work day by trying to answer as many emails as I can. I always try to break up my day with a workout, and usually I have to because I teach LUNCH CRUNCH. I always say you just have to make time to workout, prioritize it, and it will become part of your routine. Then, I grab a quick “healthy bite” and head back to work. After work, I head home and either collapse on the couch or head to the gym with my husband. Either way I try to spend as much time with my husband after the work day. 


I try my best to take as many classes as I can at 6YCLE, and our hybrid classes really help with cross training! One of the best pieces of advice I received from a veteran instructor was the only way to improve is to keep learning and challenging yourself. I try to venture out, and go to other workout studios. 
On any given day, you can catch me doing various workout classes. From crossfit to yoga to barre to versaclimbing, I love to do it all.


Someone who lets me guide them in their workout, but knows their body and its limits. I want to see you back, I LOVE seeing your smiling faces, and with strained or pulled muscles I won’t be seeing you as much. Workout hard, but listen to your body.

Doughnuts, DONUTS, doNUTS, ya girl loves her donuts. I mean I don’t always have the sweetest tooth, but babygirl would eat all the donuts if I could. Also, if you ever what the lowdown on where to get a good donut, HMU. 
Reality tv is really what gets me through the week. I have been watching Real World since Age 5, perks of having an older sister. Not sure if that is good or bad, but turn on BRAVO, and I instantly have a smile on my face. 
1. FOOD. It is how I met my husband, and it help me fall in love with this city. Full disclosure I met my husband while he was working at a Pizza Shop in Oakland. 2. The community. I swear everyone knows everyone, we may be a city BUT it feels like a small town. Growing up in the DC area, and always wanting to live in NYC, I really appreciate the small town feel of the Burgh. 3. Pittsburghese…need I say more. I love saying YINZ, dahntahn,etc.
4. The history. I studied architecture in college and have such an appreciation for all the old buildings and the stories that go with them. 5. SPORTS. I love the Capitals and cried when they won the Stanley Cup. BUT over the years I have started to become a penguins fan, and at first I was ashamed, but I REP BOTH MY CITIES. 6. 6YCLE…You guessed it! I love love love working out, but the feeling I get after a 6YCLE class is nothing I have experienced anywhere else. It is addicting, and why I wanted to become an instructor. Jess & Tay really were able to create a studio where you leave with a good workout, but also leave with confidence to take on anything! 


This is really hard cause I easily get hype! Currently, I get hype to SICKO MODE, and any remix of it. I love spinning to it, but I always have the urge to jump of the bike and just GET HYPE.

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Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and...
Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and it shows. They kill it and keep things interesting. And, supporting a pgh business run by strong women is everything
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