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How to have the best morning workout!

Rise and grind! Tia here! Luckily for me, I’ve always been a morning person, which made being a morning instructor at 6ycle a perfect fit for me! My daytime job can be a bit demanding at times, but I try my best to keep my morning routine the same for the sake of my mental and physical health. 

For me, I find that one of the keys to getting the most out of my mornings (workouts included) is having a routine and preparing things in advance (especially on Wednesday and Thursday mornings when I teach). I do my best to wake up at the same time every weekday (5:30) and weekend (8:00) and I always make it a point to lay out both my cycling clothes and my work clothes the night before. This makes my mornings more efficient and less stressful. Surprisingly, I don’t drink caffeine (gasp). Instead, I prefer to take a 50 mg caffeine supplement on weekdays (less than the average 8 ounce cup of coffee) and 25 mg on weekends to prevent my body from becoming caffeine dependent (it’s also a big timesaver). Grab and go breakfast items are also a must. Have your protein bar or a scoop of your favorite protein powder in your shaker ready to go the night before.  

Once I’m up and running, it’s out the door to 6ycle! One of the biggest morning motivators for me is getting to ride WITH my clients at 6ycle, many of whom have become my friends. It’s often the highlight of my entire day. Nothing beats starting my mornings off putting in a solid 45 minutes of work on the bike (and barre) with my crew.

For those night owls out there who still aren’t sold on the idea of morning workouts, consider the plethora of health benefits that stem from morning exercise. Morning workouts have not only been shown to jumpstart your metabolism and lead you to make smarter food choices, but have also been proven to better your mood, increase mental alertness and improve focus ALL DAY, which leads to increased productivity in other areas of your life. Choosing to exercise in the morning also means that there is less of a chance that you’ll skip your workout and also leaves evenings free…leaving plenty of time for a 6ycle two-a-day!

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Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and...
Every class I've taken has been great. The instructors put a lot of thought and work into each class and it shows. They kill it and keep things interesting. And, supporting a pgh business run by strong women is everything
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