Booty Barre

The newest addition to the schedule is Booty Barre! A 30 minute spin, 30 minute barre workout. Lets talk about barre – 

Barre is a form of fitness combining ballet-inspired moves with Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. 6YCLE takes classic dance moves such as plies and pairs them static stretches. This helps create long lean muscles! The real difference between barre and other workouts are the isometric movements you perform – holding your body still while you contract specific muscles, until you shake and feel the burn! Doing tiny motions, high reps, intentional squeezes and pulses (otherwise known as isometric moves) are designed to fatigue muscles to failure. The shake is good, not bad. The focus here is fatiguing each muscle group one at a time and shaking like a bowl of Jello means you are exhausting that muscle and forcing it to tone! Whoo hoo! 

You will definitely feel some soreness after a barre class. In most instances you’ll use muscles you didn’t even know existed. Like those happy butt cheek lines (if you haven’t heard me say it yet, you will!), or more professionally known as gluteal fold lines. During a barre class it’s not about how high your lifting your leg, but rather the little jump you feel in contracting and releasing an individual muscle. Think little up, little up. After a barre week try incorporating some schmoga into your workout for a more active recovery! 

Also, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to kick off your shoes. Most of our work is done all on the toes. Burning out the quad on one leg, while lifting the cheeks on the other. While we’re burning out these muscles we want to make sure our core temperature stays up, so add an extra layer on Booty Barre days!


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