6YCLE Holiday Gift Guide: hybrid SIXERS

This SIXER signs up for every hybrid class available and they love a full body sweat. This year gift these studio babes items they can take on the bike and to the mat.

  1. Water Bottle – Perfect for on the go!
  2. Acupressure Mat – Full body workouts, mean a full body recovery. Laying on this mat will help stimulate blood flow allowing muscles to recover quicker and get you back to the studio sooner.
  3. Bodysuit – We LOVE a bodysuit. In and out of the studio.
  4. Yoga Mat – This mat is perfect for making sure movements such as a lunge are in proper alignment.
  5. Weighted Bangles – Aesthetic and useful, we’ll take two.
  6. Tote – And of course we round out our list with the perfect tote to keep all of the essential hybrid gear in!
Nikki’s Pick

Water Bottle

Jess’s Pick


Alex’s Pick

Body Suit

Jess’s Pick


Jess’s Pick


Jess’s Pick

Tote Bag